Kingfisher and the Dock

Down at the Fauntleroy to Vashon Island Ferry Dock one expects to see birds like ducks, cormorants and seagulls with a flock of crows for good measure. However, never in my wildest dreams would one expect a Kingfisher. At least that is my view since the Kingfishers I have seen are usually in wilder more park like settings. Not a busy dock with a big boat  landing and sailing regularly.

Here I was on the beach watching the birds on the water and noticed a black duck like bird fly low on the water towards the dock. He seemed to go under or land where the dock’s offices and waiting room hangs off to the side.  In the photo above that is the building with a blue roof.

To my surprise when I put my binoculars on that area I saw the Kingfisher just hanging out. I doubted myself and had to look several times to be sure.  Sure enough he was the gregarious kingfisher.  To see how it unfolded here is a series of photos starting with a distance photo moving to up close.

Fauntleroy Ferry Dock Waiting room – Birds are on the pilings below it.
The Kingfisher can be seen edge of dock to the left of the big rusty piece of metal on the left of center
Do you see him now? His white breast makes him stick out against the piling.
There he is watching all around for a meal or threat.

Wow – I would never have seen him if that black duck bird had not flown over that way.  As you can see from a distance he is really hard to see even when you know he is there.

After I watched a bit he flew away perhaps getting ready to dive in for a fish. It looked like he went off to the north side of the dock, so I followed.

To my delight, there he was again. Here is another series of distant to close up of his perch.

North side of the Fauntleroy Dock – Kingfisher on metal pole tops
See that little guy on the metal rail?
We are getting closer now
It’s a classic Kingfisher pose for us.

That’s it for this week’s unexpected but so enjoyable bird moment at the Cove Park.

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