Retired time at low-tide

Today was a minus 2 foot plus low tide. Off to Ocean View beach I went. As I walked down to the water I started to realize that this was the first day of second quarter financial close at my old employer. I wondered how it was going and celebrated my freedom from this monthly task I have worked on for decades.

In celebration of this big moment in my new retirement life, I experimented with my cell phone’s camera. It does a panorama type thing that I needed to practice.  I did two of them.  One is from way out on the sand bar exposed by low tide looking back at the shoreline. The second is from the shoreline looking out to the water.

Hope you enjoy the beauty of a sunny day on Puget Sound!

Ocean View Beach looking back at shoreline at low tide
Ocean View Beach looking out at Puget Sound

One comment

  1. one more thought! I need to try to do the panorama shot without doing a half circle. Perhaps a flat approach will work. Research is in order!!

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