Nature’s Hover Craft

Here I was counting crows at the bird pool formed by Fauntleroy Creek. Lately this has been a happening beach with crows, blue herons, killdeer, ferry traffic and people chattering plus now an osprey.

Not only was he just hanging out and doing his best to torment the resident crows but he was actively fishing. There must have been a school of fish since he kept doing his best osprey maneuver of flying in place.  No wonder the USA military named their hover craft after them.

This video gives you a taste of what I mean more than any words can. It will show you how close the dock is and towards the end a good look at him strutting (or rather flying) his best stuff.

At some point there were three of them circling and hovering in formation. They did not give up and just kept at it till they had success.  Next off they would fly into the trees that surround the shoreline houses to find a private place to eat.

After I captured the video of their dinner hunting endeavor I walked back under the dock to head home. That was when I saw one of the fly by with a wiggling fish in beak.  Great day for the fish plate special.

Osprey with prize fish flies off to enjoy.

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