Blue Heron Snack Search

This Sunday was a lovely sunny day to go to the beach. One of my favorite places is to the south of the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock. It lends excitement and hub bub as folks wait for the ferry and the loading and unloading each time it lands. Then there is the nature all around the dock. It was a minus 2 foot tide revealing lots of birds and fauna. Off in the distance was a blue heron.

Seems these days or maybe I have just watched the beach so much that every cove has it’s resident heron. This little piece of the beach was true to that.  Check out the little dot off in the distance of this landscape view.

Fauntleroy Cove and Heron fishing in distance

Getting a little closer you can see he is off in the shallows finding goodies.

Blue Heron watching closely for a catch

I finished up my tea and bakery snack I had brought from Fauntleroy Bakery. Then packed up my stuff I had strewn around the log I was lounging on close to the Crow Bath area (they were no shows). Walked down to where the mushy seaweed area started. On the last of the solid sand bar I got my camera out and knelt down to steady my hold.  The water had a lovely color to it and the heron seemed to pose for this shot and his shadow.

Heron with shadow on water

Now a little sidebar. I love google for spelling and word help. Kneeling was my first attempt at the sentence above but it seemed wonky.  Here is what I found:

“Which is Correct Knelled or Knelt?”

In English, knelt is slowly giving way to kneeled. This trend is not limited to this verb; there are a few others that are losing their irregular past tense forms―or gaining an -ed form, at least. … In American and British English, knelt is still the most common of the two.
I went with knelt since it seems to flow better or might even be more acceptable. Back to our heron working the tidal area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know you want to see things live so here are two short videos.  Have to confess I messed up the end of the first one trying to zoom in as he caught the fish/eel/worm.  My camera decided to not obey and blurred the image. That is why I have a second one showing his finishing off his catch.

Not sure what this wiggling thing was so I leave that to your imagination and a parting shot from the heron. He gave us his fluffy butt.

Showing his booty to us brings us to an end

But wait – we are not done yet. Check out this Killdeer camouflaged in the seaweed. Only caught a photo of him because of his cry and flight into the area. Had to keep my eye on him before I got a shot.  Easy to lose him in the background.

Killdeer also looking for a snack.

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