Blue Heron Fishing Lesson

I finally saw the mysterious Blue Heron of Springbrook creek. This is close to my office and in the nice weather we have gone down there to walk in the afternoon. Along the way I have seen ducks, geese and lots of little birds. Several fellow walkers told me that the heron hung out at one of the bays formed by a feeder creek.

Then when I was least expecting it there he was fishing away.

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Lets get up close & personal with this next shot.

Blue Heron walking up the creek looking for lunch

When I put my binoculars on this guy I noticed what looked like sores or wounds. After closer inspection I think they are just areas that get a lot of wear. The area degrades to a pinker color and perhaps will be molted off when the time comes.

Pink Spots on Blue Heron in Renton

Good news – When he turned around to go the other direction there were the same pink spots on his opposite side. That helped to confirm they were not an injury but more likely from wear and tear.

Saving the best for last – here is a short video of this majestic creature.

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