Gosling Raising

My office buddy told me about a pair of geese who were hissing at him on the sidewalk. They had one downy baby goose to look after and were not taking any chances with this human.

A couple days later he told he figured out where they came from. It made no sense that they would just be wandering around a busy street and commercial area. Across the street from his encounter is a retention pond put in by IKEA when they remodeled their store. This long pond is surrounded by grass banks and a black iron fence.

What a perfect place to raise a baby in the middle of an urban area! Food, water, and protection for their only child.

To give you an idea of what this area looks like check this photo out of the parking lot, pond, fence and geese.

IKEA parking lot & retention pond – geese home base

I had gone over the day I found out and took the photo at the top where the parents were shading their little one while he napped. They are pretty smart. They gave me the juju eye but knew I could not get them since that big black fence protects them. (plus keeps me from falling into the pond).

Goose Family thru the fencing.

On Friday, Jeff and I went over to see his gosling together.  They were on the parking lot side of the fence when we first got there. Right away the baby ran thru the fence posts leaving the parents to deal with us intruders.

Smart parents sent baby behind the fence to safety

I was a bit cautious about approaching this pair. It has only been a few days since they had rushed and hissed at Jeff.  I used my telephoto lens to get a good shot of their little guy who could have run off if I got near.

Young Canadian Goose in south Renton, WA.Then I got a bit bolder and started this short video while I slowly got closer. This shows you how they want no part of me either. Their baby might be behind bars safe from me but they still were on alert and started to get aggressive.

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