Crow Britches

Britches?  What are those and do crows have them?

The definition for Britches is a bit of a history lesson in clothing.

  • Britches definition according to Merriam Webster is:   Breeches, Trousers – they were first used in 1571
  • What are breeches? Their definition is: short pants covering the hips and thighs and fitting snugly at the lower edges at or just below the knee. – They were first called this in the 12th century.

Here is a picture of old to help you visualize what they look like. Now review the picture above and see how that crow has feathers to his knees and then skinny legs below?  Just like he was wearing these short pants!

Have you heard these phrases?

  • Too big for your britches.
  • Hold onto your britches

Now you know what they mean and they too date back a couple centuries.

Enjoy another good look at Crow Britches and a short video of the crow looking for lunch in the low tide seaweed.  You can get an even better look at this Crow’s Breeches/Britches.

Crow at the beach showing off his feathered britches
Crow at the beach showing off his feathered britches


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