Joy of Finding Baby Ducks

Nothing like going for a walk to take a break from work and finding something wonderful. Let me share the joy of finding a flock of 6 ducklings and their mom.

Here I was walking the Springbrook Creek trail, had just crossed a street. I looked down into the creek where I had spotted a mallard duck standing on a log. In the mud I saw something squirming.  My brain went that isn’t right.  Mud does not wiggle. To my delight it was 6 ducklings.

Here is what I saw. Be sure to check out how there is one rouge little one in this picture.

Mom Duck and her babies on the bank of Springbrook Creek.

Next is a photo with a little closer view of the pile that was wiggling in their sleep.  The rouge baby has joined and they are sunning themselves.

Baby Pile hanging out on the beach

This video will give you a feeling for how they blend in but their moving around gives them away. Mom is watching for anything that might hurt her babies.  See that vigilante look she has in between grooming her feathers.

As I finished filming the family of ducks a group of walkers came along.  I asked them if they wanted to see baby ducks & their eyes lighted up. I showed them where they were & even said go over here for a better view.  One of the girls took a photo with her phone. She showed her buddy and he said… “That is Wonderful”.

Now I not only enjoyed these little bundles of job but passed that wonder to others.  Then I continued on my walk down to the boardwalk that crosses over the marshy wildlife preserve. The birds were singing in the trees and it was just a “wonderful” spring day.

On my way back I passed the bridge and looked to see how our family was doing. Mom had just launched them all into the water.

Mom Mallard Duck launching her brood into the creek

Of course I took more photos and got this little video of them going under the bridge.

Then I ran across the street and there they were coming out from under the bridge.

Mom is just leading the parade of her babies.  They are all in a row taking advantage of their flocks momentum.

Ducklings all in a row swimming in their mom’s wake.

Then as I walked further down the trail I got a shot of them through the trees.  Check out how one baby is trailing behind.  Wonder if this is the same little rascal who was not in the pile when I first found them.

Parting shot through the trees at the duck parade

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