Shamrocks hug Babbling Creek

At the head of Fauntleroy Creek deep inside of the park are several little fingers of the creek. This is where a creek or river begins. Moisture starts to drain towards the creek and forms small ribbons of rippling water.

For many years near a small foot bridge built, this patch of shamrocks have flourished. They overlook one of those fingers of the creek and bloom little white flowers in the spring.

Shamrock flowers bursting with good luck

The sun was coming and going this day. Playing peek-a-boo with the sweet greenness under the forest canopy. If you look close you will see the creek bubbling by the patch. Listen closely and you might hear the tinkle of the water flowing over small rocks.

No wonder these shamrocks have honored the stream for years with their presence and beauty.

Beam of sunlight and the creek bubbling along


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