Dock Ducks

Deep under the Fauntleroy Washington State Ferry Dock one can walk when the tide is out enough. There is a murder of crows who frequent this piece of the beach next to the ferry dock and the mouth of the Fauntleroy Creek. In the past I have taken a few photos and video of the crows bathing in the creek before it hits the salt water of Puget Sound.

I love the graphics of under the dock and took this photo quite a bit ago that shows the feel of being under the dock.

This Sunday I walked down to see if the crows were doing their thing at the beach. There were no crows bathing in the creek of hanging out on the beach. They were busy chasing a hawk up on the hill plus some were making babies hatch. There I was under the dock having crow withdrawal and there was this little flock of mallards just chilling there.

This little video is them at the surf edge. It is short but check out the duck at the left. He raises one of his feet as the surf flows up to him. I love running this over and over as he avoids the wetnees.

They did not care that this crazy nature lady was lurking by the dock piling and taking photos with her new cell phone. Oh forgot to tell you I had to get a new phone since I am retiring and my company cell phone needs to go to the big corporate sky. Check out some of my first photos with my new Moto.

There is a lone duck to the left – but don’t we all feel like the lone duck at times.

One more picture for the road. May you have enjoyed the ducks of the dock.

If you want more about the Fauntleroy Dock Crows here it is …  Crows in the creek!

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