North Arbor Heights Crow Families Revisited

In the beginning of Crows of Arroyos I created a Google Map of my Crow family sightings around Arbor Heights. When reviewing some photos I took of a pair in the alley between 39th SW and 40th SW I remembered these old maps. I wondered if the families and their descendents were still hanging around.

Here is a link to that map. It dates back to 2011 and now 9 years later the families are still owning the same territories I documented. When you open the map I have the icon changed to a yellow bird for ease of finding the spot where I am.

Crow Family Map – 2011

The pair tagged along after me. I have fed them peanuts for years and they remember or were told about me. We got to a new waist height fence and there they gave me the what are you waiting for looks.

100th ‘Street Flock – waiting for the peanuts

Next one of them turned towards me and gave me a very direct look. There was no mistaking that get with the program stare.

That look says – come on with the goodies!

How about a good close up of my being eyeballed by this pair. They sure know who I am and are not afraid. They are confirming not only that crow families are territorial but also do tell their family members about who is naughty and nice.

I know you!!

So much excitement had one of them fanning their tail in anticipation.

Fanning tail from excitement of food soon.

This revisit of my old research was so gratifying and I am glad I actually documented my sightings back in the beginning.  Think this spring I will need to make a baby nest map. Here is a link to that old map for your viewing pleasure.  Remember… just look about yourself and the world will deliver the most wonderful things.

Spring of 2011 Nest Map

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