It does Snow in Seattle

Seattle is experiencing it’s every 10 year snow storm. This one still does not come close to the one we had in the 60s when I was in High School.  However, it sure has been dumping on us.

Folks who live in the Midwest or the Northeast laugh at us cause we go crazy. The store shelves empty out like they do before a hurricane. The first snowflake hits the pavement on a work day and we all decide like a herd of wildebeests to hurry home.  We certainly don’t hurry since the traffic jam is worse than any usual workday.

A couple of reasons it is bad here when only a couple of inches fly is our municipalities do not have the equipment to really deal with it. That is efficient use of our tax dollars by not buying a bunch of snow plows that would sometimes sit for years hardly used. Next, the snow it wet and we live on hills.  Compact ice on hills with cars is not a good mix. Then add the people who should not be driving in snow.  They don’t know how nor do they have a vehicle that can make it on slick roads.

Here we are at home nice and warm. I decided that our hummingbird feeder needed to get unfrozen so I went out and started shoveling. We do have two snow shovels and an outside broom.  Prepared we are.

I saw one hovering around poking the holes but they were full of packed snow. The nectar was not frozen.  A couple of days ago they were drinking a slushy.  Here is one of them earlier in the week.

Hummingbird visiting their feeder in the snow. Anna Hummies live here year-long.

Here is a series of before and after photos. The before ones are from Monday when we had our first couple of inches and we had dug out our house. The after are today on Saturday showing how last night gave us about another 7 inches.

7 ” on our back deck – the car has about 6″ out front

Let us start with the back yard:

Monday at the very beginning of our snow adventure
Back deck with trail to hummy feeder
Back yard from our window

How about what the front looks like starting with the street.

Our Street on Monday after we dug out
Today with everyone chatting in the street

Then this is our house and our red maple tree that I needed to dust off.

Front of house on Monday afternoon
After 7″ more snow – looks kind of pretty
This is Lola our pretty maple tree on Monday from the front window
Here is Lola today on Saturday

That is it for us.  Once the white stuff stops coming down I am going to chip my car out.



  1. Much the same look up here in the Greenwood neighborhood today. They closed all branches of the library yesterday at 1pm and all closed today – probably will tomorrow as well. Be a slog if we’re open Monday. Stay warm and safe!

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