Crows Meet Surf Scooters

At Constellation Park around the corner from Alki Lighthouse I saw this crow fly in and perch on the driftwood. He started making this clucking sound and bending over as he did it. For a bit I thought he might throw up a pellet. (more on Crow Pellets)  As I watched he kept croaking this sound and fanning his tail.

Crow on driftwood making non-caw sounds
Was he trying to throw up a pellet?
What are you looking at? This is none of your human business

Nothing came up and I started to notice the surf scooters that were close to the shore foraging.

Scooters & Crow at Alki

Check out this short video of how it seems they are interacting. Everyone is minding their business when the crow looks over at the scooters.  Bam!!  they all seem to disappear under the water.  I like to think one look from Mr Crow did that but I bet reality is they were just diving for a snack.  See what you think?

Then along came Mr Crows buddy carrying some food product.  Not sure if it was a worm or some grub but they hung out together on the driftwood while the scooters kept surfing around behind them.

Crow Partners hanging out on a Saturday
Ms Crow chewing on her snack while her Mr putters around

I leave you with a bit more video of Ms & Mr Crow plus their entourage of scooters in the background.

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