Christmas Eve Eagles

It was a beautiful day between Northwest winter storms plus I had a new camera to test out. So, off to Lincoln Park I went. There I walked the trails towards a staircase that goes down the bluff to the sound. I heard this high pitch bird screetch which can only be from a Bald Eagle.  There on a snag seen from the forest staircase was the eagle pair sunning themselves.

The first photo above is from the trail staircase. What made me double happy was the excitement the eagles caused to others. Before I hit the staircase an older gentleman on a bicycle had wished me Merry Christmas. I told him there was a pair of eagle on the snag and he followed me.  Then I loaned him my binoculars and he was bedazzled while I took several photos.

Pair of Eagles at Lincoln Park middle staircase
Bald Eagle watching it all

Next I walked down the stairs to the beach in an effort to see if I could get a better view from there. Wow, lots of folks were strolling down the path on the shore. Kids, parents and all sorts of dogs were basking in the sun on this day before the holiday.

I found the snag and the eagles were still just hanging out. They were oblivious to the human parade down below their perch. I took up a place in the driftwood looking for a place to perch my camera to get a good shot.  I started with less zoomed out to document the larger environment.

Bald Eagles sun bathing on Xmas Eve 2018

Then I work on the zoom in close-ups.  Bird photography is at the mercy of the bird staying put. By doing it this way I can at least get a shot. If one starts fussing with zoom you risk getting nothing but a snag.  Who wants to share a photo of an old dead tree?

Keeping those feathers is serious business
The eagle mates hanging out & the feather fluffing continues

Next to me in the driftwood were three kids building something with boards and stray logs. As I was concentrating on stabilizing my zoomed out camera I overhead the dad say to them…. look at the two eagles.

After I got a few shots, I got up and loaned them my binoculars. They were entranced just like the guy on the stairs & very grateful to see these magnificent birds up close.

Eagles on Puget Sound pondering where to have their nursery.

Hope this pair sticks around and raise a family in Lincoln Park like they have in the past. Have to keep my eyes open for them and perhaps get more great shots with my new Nikon Camera.


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