Love Dancing Song Sparrows

My latest trip to Fauntleroy Park brought me a delightful interlude with two Song Sparrows. Little birds are usually hard to photograph since they flick quickly about in the bushes.  This time I lucked out.

Can you see the bird camouflaged in the brush?

It all started by the sweet tune of a bird singing in the salmon-berries. The brush was denuded of leaves with maple leaves hanging for a busy background. Tough to find a small bird that has built in camouflage.  Then the bird was there on the edge of the bushes. I quietly got my camera and binoculars out. She stayed put singing away like she had all the time in the world.

How about a close up of our singer?

Fluffy Singer

Staring through a camera is sight limiting. You are focused on that small visual of the world versus having any peripheral vision. That is why the second sparrow snuck up on me. There he was flicking around just below the first bird. What is with that? This little guy was a busy bird while circled the calmer singing bird.

Second bird popped into my camera’s view
Bouncing sparrow is now above his mate.

The less fluffy one was just an energizer bunny. He jumped from branch to branch around his girl. I almost expected to see a little bird sex.  However, that was not to be and the video below is not X-Rated.

Pair of Song Sparrows
Sparrow looks right at me and did not fly away

You can’t imagine how excited the male was to see the female until you watch the video. He is bouncing off the wall like a teenager who has found his first love. She fluffs herself up and pecks at the bushes playing coy. They were very entertaining.  Hope you enjoy this glimpse of a Sparrow love dance as much as I did.



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