Pondering 100 years ago – World War I and San Francisco 1915 Exposition

This Friday I had a bit of a collectors moment at an estate sale. What I found from a World’s Fair 100 years ago was a bit of serendipity.  The definition of serendipity is “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

Now this was a great happy find and my American Pickers euphoria was in full swing as I drove away.  Here is the link to that article  When World Was Fair Article

Palace of Arts – San Francisco 1915 Panama Pacific Int’l Exposition

However, only a week earlier I was writing in my journal about how I felt about the 100 year anniversary of the World War I Armistice.

I had read an article about it that focused on barbed wire. How we are reeling out more of it on our border with Mexico compared to how it was the newest thing in warfare 100 years ago in the trenches of Europe.

My days in school looking at pictures of this war and the ones you can see by just searching the internet came into mind.  It was an awful thing where war had changed from being personal to using tools that were more destructive and separated from killing one on one.

My journal thoughts at that moment were:

My soul weeps at reading of WWI and the Civil War. Is that a memory of the past this body did not see? But rather a confirmation that we have been here before or just a kindred heart that can’t imagine such savagery for naught?

Do we really want to be there again? or have we ever really stopped being there?

This brought to me an emotional reaction that I don’t know how to explain. I was not alive then but I felt that anguish in my soul. Is it possible that my soul retains the memory of this while my brain that was born in 1953 does not. Could that be why I want to save the history I find?

I am reminded of an article I wrote about crows and their bad reputation they gained from being present at battle grounds.

Crow Lore – Good or Evil

A mystery of life for sure.  There must be things greater than the things we touch each day and the striving to feed and cloth ourselves!


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