A Thousand Crow Heartbeats in the Sky

Come for a ride with me into the Renton Roost of a thousand or more crows.

This week they came flying into our parking lot across from IKEA. At first it was a few that landed in the trees. They arranged themselves like Christmas ornaments. I snapped a few shots of them perched and flying around between family units.

The fly in has only begun!

It was not quite dark yet so they were a gathering storm of crows getting ready to go to the Renton Wildlife Sanctuary. The energy is growing as the crowd grows. More and more birds are flocking into the trees around me.

The trees and the light pole both make good perches while they gather.
Crows decorating a maple like Christmas ornaments.

Then all hell broke loose and I switched to video. It was a sight to behold as they fly in a big swarm.  I hope you are as amazed as I at their ability and how a thousand heartbeats can all be in the sky at one time!

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