Woodpecker Pecking Away

Heading home up the trail at Fauntleroy Park I heard some knocking.

Old Stump attracted woodpecker in park
Mr Woodpecker was a busy guy – check out the red mustache that means he is a Mister.

Since there was no door close by it had to be a woodpecker.

Sure enough it was the drilling of a Pileated Woodpecker. The chips were flying off this tall tree stump.

Then when I started to walk away I saw another bird fly. Sure enough it was a another woodpecker coming to join the busy one. A close look reveals that it is Mrs. Woodpecker. She has a grey mustache. How great is this! My woods have a pair & babies this spring to find and watch!

Then there were two woodpeckers with big red heads
Just a little closer shot of the two Woody Woodpeckers

Never know what you might see in life. She just keeps waving her magic wand and delivering!

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