Crow Families & the Mega Roost

I was born many years ago in a cedar tree nest. My family owned a wonderful home and the surrounding area. Plenty of food, places to play and watch for the bad guys. That was our home territory.

When I got older my parents passed down to us the cedar grove. We raised our family there and kept the place safe for our extended murder.

Now I am grandma crow and my favorite time is how we all fly to the valley to see our friends.

Headed to the Roost from our home base

Have you ever been to the Renton Valley and seen a horde of crows fly by at dawn or dusk? That is the big roost in motion before we settle down for an evening nap. Many think we are just one big batch of crows. They are so wrong!

During the fall and winter we crow families at an hour or so before dark all fly together to meet our friends.  Some we meet on the way, some we meet there and best of all we have plenty of stories to share.

Batgirl who is writing this for me said that the reason she wanted to interview me was because of what she saw last week.

As she waited down in all that pile of human junk to hit the big black band they travel on, she saw a group of crows. They were flying to the south through Renton to the roost. That was when she noticed a small group land on the hotel there. They one by one followed their leader to gather up before they hit the big crowd. Other crows flew on but this family thought it was a good place to make sure the kids were all accounted for.

At dawn we do the same thing. Get up and say good bye to the big murder. Then head home to have breakfast and check on our home turf.

You see we do have our family ways. We stick together and make sure each crow is looked after, even a grandma like me.

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