Look UP

This may look like a tangled mess at first glance. Look a little deeper and the beauty of the view will grow on you. Can’t miss the summer sun brightening this cedar’s day.

View sitting under cedar tree

Better yet, sit under a tree and look up yourself to see how the world looks differently in the boughs. There is a life surrounded in lace.

Time goes by slower for this cedar tree who is many 100s of years old. It breathes the sun, the birds, the bugs, the rain and anything that comes along. It is a perspective of standing still and patiently awaiting versus rushing into time and missing most of what flies by at high velocity.

That waiting payed off with a bit of summer sun peeking through.

Aura of Sun on Cedar branches

Next a lovely sight is to be seen. The sun is being hooked by the tree’s arms and shines right through to me.

Cedar hooked the sun & surrounded it in her lacy boughs

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