Empty Nest!

Monday (the 4th of June) I came back looking for my baby crows who were busting out of their nest Friday. Remember weeks ago I estimated they would fledge around the 1st, however, I thought they seemed so young to actually leave the nest.

Guess what they had fled the nest over the weekend and my heart sunk at the end of my baby crow love fest. At first I did not see them and kind had given up on ever seeing them again. After a bit of searching I found the big brother in the maple tree next to the nest tree.

Found the oldest – he is in several trees over from the nest tree

Baby was missing and I worried cause he was so young but then mom came flying in and there he was still in the nest tree several branches down.

empty nest tree – baby hiding in boughs below

As the day progressed baby stayed put and big brother kept trekking across the trees.

Found oldest in Pine on the left
Oldest is moving quick to Pine on left.

Mid day I lost track of oldest and figured that was it. Went out and looked in the street and around making sure he did not meet his fate with a car. Did not see anything so figured he flew successfully across the street. Baby did not leave his branch and mom kept visiting him.

Next day Tuesday the 5th I came in to find baby still on his branch.

Baby is still in the nest tree – not coordinated enough to jump from branch to branch

Then there was the oldest in the second pine to the left of the nest tree.  Here is a view of all the trees so you can see how far he has gotten. That is the dark green tree to the right of the tree that partially obscures the IKEA sign. The next tree is the crooked tree another 4 over.

view of all the trees – nest tree is the short dark green one on the right – oldest got all the way to the far left trees so quickly

Oldest got into the farthest pine tree and I got a video of him playing around.

Here is my last shot of oldest in that far tree.

Tuesday oldest in another pine tree further away – one of my last photos of him

Wednesday dawns. Baby is still in the nest tree and mom has an interlude with him that I could not resist.

Baby still in nest tree and mom comes to check on him
mom hanging out with baby who is still in next tree
Mom is not impressed by baby big pink mouth
Feed me is all baby can say
Mom gives baby the crow mom eye while he begs

And a video for you to watch their interaction

That afternoon baby finally got courage and moved to the maple tree off to the left. Basically following brother into fledghood.

Baby finally got out of nest tree

Here is the video I took of baby moving around and becoming a big crow.

Late in the afternoon I walked around the trees looking for big brother. Baby was still in the maple. Then out of nowhere came three adults really pissed. They gave me hell about being around their baby, I think the brother was in the brush somewhere but decided to leave.  Those crows made a compelling case for me to get the hell out of dodge. Oh and all along I thought there was only two adults. Guess I was wrong about that.

The next day, Thursday, I didn’t see baby any more. A little walk around and the nagging adults came back. They even were working over folks walking along the sidewalk. My instincts tell me the babies were there but hidden.

Today, Monday the 11th, no sign of the babies. The nest is empty and my crow gift of watching them build, sit, hatch and raise babies is over.

Treasure the moment is all I can say when you are given a gift of nature.

I leave you with the last shot of baby.

Last picture of baby in maple nest to nest tree – 6/6/18


  1. This reminds me.
    We had an episode where we had to look after a young crow, like the baby: too soon from the nest, or fallen, I don’t remember now.
    We fed him up, then put him out again, for his parents to come for. They did, but not as we’d hoped.
    We put him on a picnic table in the garden, near them. They swooped down, both of them, and knocked him off, repeatedly.
    They chase off the older babies once they’re ready: time to find your own tree.
    Seems so cruel – to us.

  2. wow -that does seem so odd. they usually will do amazing things for their kids until they can feed themselves. I even read that if we touch a baby crow they will not be run off which is an old theory. Guess not. or maybe they were not the parents.

    agreed.. so cruel

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