Baby Crows – I’ve seen THEM

The Renton Family brought me great joy and excitement this week. On the hottest day so far of the year in Seattle, late in the afternoon, there was one little baby pink mouth agape. Needless to say I hustled over to the window that had the best view with my camera and binoculars in hand.  I got lucky when I shot this video which I have edited out all the waiting I did to capture a flash of baby crow!

Mom was gone out sourcing food to keep her family growing. I was so worried since she was gone for so long with the heat and that our babies would dehydrate. I took a series of photos and gave myself a neck ache watching and waiting for the little bobble head to appear.

Mom – where are you?

The next day (Tuesday 5/15/18) to my great delight I saw another baby bob up at the same time.

Two baby beaks poking out of Renton nest

The oldest is quite a bit bigger which is common. The eggs are laid days apart and the earliest hatches earlier and often is given first choice. This seems mean but crow families are all about insuring one of their babies survive. The second and third often get short shift. I have seen this in eagle nest under camera surveillance on-line. The biggest gets stronger and if things are good the younger of the clutch survive too.,

Mid week I captured mom and dad and the little beak poking out. I have to tell you nature photography means waiting and getting lucky.  Especially since I have work to get done.

Renton Crow Family all together

How about I leave you with another short video of parents and baby to make your bird day a little happier.


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