Crow Team Baby Raising

Team Crow have been busy raising their babies. As of Friday May 11th I had still not seen the babies. I saw a flash of pink but the photo I have is inconclusive.

To keep you engaged in this crow nest I do have some activities to share.  One is how they work together on the feeding and the second is some serious cleaning activities.  Pooping babies require constant attention.

Here is mom sitting on the nest hanging out and along comes dad.

Mom gets up and moves to the right behind the pine boughs and lets dad bring in some goodies.

He gets busy and pokes his head into the nest and feeds the little ones.

Then between shots he is gone!

Mom peeks into the nest to make sure all are situated.

Then she gets back ontop of them.

Now lets talk about some serious cleaning. The photo at the very top is her butt up in the air as she preens the babies and nest. A still photo does not give this activity justice so I took a short video.

Enjoy!!  And tomorrow we will see what the weekend has brought. I still caution everyone, baby birds are fragile and attacks on nests are common.


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