All but the Waiting Now

A couple of weeks have passed since I wrote about our Renton Crow Nest outside my window. It is not easy being expectant parents, even for a pair of crows. So, I am happy to tell you that when I left on Friday that the nest was still being sat upon.

How about we do a little baby crow math?  The first thing is how long have they been sitting there on those eggs. The first day I saw her/him sitting in the nest more than a few minutes was on Thursday April 12th. On the next Monday the 16th it was a serious sitting and no nest building. That was the day she had a bit of a kerfuffle with another crow mentioned in my prior post.

The approximate egg incubation is about 19 days. Yes do the math!!  That makes it about time to start having little mouths to feed. I wrote in my crow diary the 4th or so would be it. On Friday (the 5th) they were a bit more active and were exchanging time on the nest. Best thing I saw was their head first into the nest. Could we have some hatching?

Next critical date would be when do they fledge (leave the nest)?  That is another 35 days which is around the first week of June. Ahhh to see the youngsters dancing in the tree tops will be a treat indeed.

A word of warning here! Crow babies or for that fact any bird baby do have a pretty high mortality rate. A lot of things can go wrong from too hot, too cold, not enough food and a predator finding the nest. Here is mom panting on a rather warm day a week ago.

Let us hope for the best.

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