Time for Sitting

The nursery is decorated and now all there is left to do is to wait.

Since my last blog on the Renton Crow pair who built a nest outside my office window, the nest has grown and been finished with some soft things inside.

On Monday the 2nd of April when I got in, they were still busy. To give you a good feeling of what things look like here is a distance shot.

Broken tree becomes home for a crow family

I couldn’t help zeroing in on the rope looking thing in the nest. Here is that shot. Anything will do to get the babies a good place to live.

Rope and sticks make a nest

Speaking of building and lining the inside, here is a photo of tail up. The crow is head down fixing up things nice.

Tail up!! Getting it ready for the kids.

By the 6th the nest has grown a bit more. Check it out & see the rope?

April 6th is here and the crows are not going away

Thursday the 12th you can see there is still some fluffing going on.

The 12th and the nest is just about done

Friday the 13th she is sitting in there hanging out.

Patience is a moms virture

Then I swear in this photo she is looking right at me thru the window.

Friday the 13th – nest sitting to be safe

Monday the 16th we had a bit of excitement. It happened so fast I have no pictures. There she was sitting in the nest and another crow kept coming over and landing next to her. She got more than a little pissed. The first time she just chased them out & went back to sitting. However, the second round she actually chased them across the street and over the buildings there.

I have been wondering if this was a nest robber? Perhaps jealousy and going to destroy the eggs? or was it her mate? She basically chased him away so he would not be a clue for others to know she was sitting. I almost think it was a spouse squable around keeping things a secret.

Here is a photo of a crow in the tree, which I have not seen since.

Watcher on 16th.

Then the 17th here she is showing the tail end.  Most of the time she sits head headed south. This rare shot is her headed north.

Tis the 17th and I am still here

Thursday the 19th I got a good close up of her just sitting patiently.

Peeking out at you on the 19th.

And took a little video of her doing her thing.

Friday brings the weekend and here she is showing us her tail again. Hope you enjoyed the adventure with me.  A bit like watching paint dry but just wait till there are babies!!

Friday the 20th!! Made it a week!

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