Slumber after the Rain

A little rear garden called to me yesterday at the estate sale I attended. I had already bought my ephemera but forgot to go out back. Instead of finding something else to buy I was put into a camellia trance.

Come with me through the garden gate to enjoy their beauty even after the rain had driven them to the ground. You see camellias are so fragile. Their time on the bush seems to be only days and a little rain browns them. Some would say them blemish but their litter is like a carpet of flowers. It always lifts my spirits at the beginning of spring.

Flowers litter the walkway thru the garden gate

The house was lovely in its own way. It is probably close to 100 years old and all red brick.

Home with garden of delights

My enchantment brought me to a couple of special flowers. First is the “blemished” one. She is all brown and creamy. No longer white. I thought she was more perfect in her end resting place than she would ever be on the bush.

Flower’s final resting place is so lovely

Then next to the house was this white flower. She looks like she is still on the bush and a little wind must have sent her onto the rocks up against the house. She is in her glory still.

Glorious on the rocks

Then there is the pinkness around the corner. The ground was full of hot pink in many stages of life. I leave you with this pair of blossoms to make you dream of springs delights.

Hot Pink Camellia Pair on patio

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