Trilliums do it AGAIN!

It is year six of my Fauntleroy Trillium watching and documenting. Just a small science project that makes me smile every year.

I knew it was looking good since I saw flowers in some of the remote spots along the way to the big patch. As I rounded the bend the few that grew along the trail were there!

Trilliums on the trail – patch is to the right

Then there is the patch of 2018. Not too shabby.

Trillium Patch – March 31, 2018

Check out 2017’s photo to see how they are doing.

Trilliums finally blooming – April 2, 2017

As I wound around the trail to the next batch I have been tracking I ran into a troop of happy Easter celebrators.  They had a party in the grass area of the park and were in a great uplifting mood.

I was able to share with them the story of the Wake Robin (aka Trillium).

Here is what the bouquet looks like this year.

2018 Trillium Bouquet

And of course here is last years.

Trillium Bouquet 2017

This year the salmon-berries were shedding petals which I captured in a trillium close up. Nothing like nature to show us how it is done.

Trillium with Salmon berry petals – 2018 Spring is here

Want to see more about these two patches?  Here is a link to my 2016 post showing photos from 2012.

Trilliums in Fauntleroy Park thru the years

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