Crow Nest under Construction

How about a little series of photos showing the progress my Renton Crow family made this week building their nursery?  Might seem a little boring but for those that are big crow or bird fans here is a chance to see how it happens.

To get you started here is where we left off on Thursday 3/22/18.  Plus a link so you can see the video of the pair too.

Team Crow start building

Crow nest in Renton, WA – 3/22

I was off work on the following Friday, so the next photo I have is from Monday the 26th.

Monday 3/26 am – Renton Nest

It is subtle but the size is growing upward to form a deep bowl so no baby will fall out.  That day I also got this shot of one of the pair’s tail sticking out as they work away on their new home.

Working away

Tuesday came and the nest is still seeing a lot of action.

Tuesday around 2pm – nest is growing before our eyes

Sometime Tuesday before the above picture was taken, some frayed rope, fur or natural fiber appeared stuck to a branch.  See it middle of the nest pile?  I am going to try to get a better photo next week of that.

View of tree top with mom/dad working away on Tuesday

This tree shot gives you some perspective of how the tree has a broken top. This lends to a good foundation for the crows and a perfect view for me out of my window.  The tree got damaged in an ice storm that happened about 5 years ago.

Wednesday came and construction is moving along.

Wednesday 3/28 – 8am snapshot of crow nest

Now it is Thursday and here is a new view of how big this crow nest is getting.

Renton nest grows more – this is Thursday 3/29 around 8:45am

This brings us to Friday and our last view until I go back to work tomorrow.

Time for the weekend – Crow Nest Friday 3/30 – almost 2pm

Stay tuned for more on our favorite crow family next week.

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