Team Crow – Nest Building

Outside my office window some major construction is occurring. Not the human kind but Team Crow is hard at work building a new nursery. They have picked a tree dead center of my window view. It’s top was broken several years ago during a snow/ice event we had. This makes my view uninterrupted.

Crow nest in top of broken tree

Over the last week I have kept a diary of their activity in this tree and the ones to either side of it. They kept coming back to broken tree over an over. They did test sitting sessions to see how it felt and how safe it seems.

Then on Thursday 3/22/18, they got real serious. Not a stick a day in the morning but lots of sticks all day long.

Team Crow busy building this nest

I got my camera out and took these photos and best of all a video of the building. While filming them the crow in the nest cawed at another off-screen. My thought was oh boy, the jig is up and they have been seen by an adversary.

Instead the crow wiggled her tail in greeting and delight after the caw which must have been a greeting versus a warning.

Watch the little video as she is busy building, says hello to her mate, leaves the nest and her(his) spouse takes his(her) turn.


Before I left for the day here is a close up of how the nest is looking.  Good start!

Crow nest in Renton, WA


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