Winter Wind Dancing

Wind brings out a rhythm on the water. It hums and flows in and out to a beat that all creatures cannot resist. At Ocean View Beach she was singing up a storm.

WA State Ferry and Gulls dance on the Salish Sea

A Washington State Ferry from Vashon to Fauntleroy is the first to show her stuff. She was riding high on the surging inland sea of Puget Sound. The gulls are dancing along with her as she heads into port. What I like about this video is how it shows the dynamic of wind and surf. Add to that the sun came out to make the blue waters sparkle with excitement.

Then there were the gulls. At first I ignored them looking for the crow murder. They were a no show, which means they missed out on the good times that the gulls were having.

Flying high in the wind
Beach audience cheers on the wind dancers
Gulls tempting the waves to get them!

The poor gulls asked me to make them stars of a video. Here they are in the starring role dancing and interacting with nature on this blustery winter day. The crows never showed their faces. Could it be they were ashamed?

Batgurrl had a story to tell too. She got to the end of the open beach and found a blue tarp stuck on the driftwood. This kind of rope and tarp is a danger to all the wildlife. From birds to orcas to seals to otters this is not a good thing to be hanging out in the surf.

Blue Tarp just daring me to remove it

Wish I had a knife to cut the rope that made it so hung up.

However, I did overcome that and was able between surf surges to rip it off the snags. Then I drug it down the beach to the staircase where I was able to secure it next to the storage area there. Mission accomplished!

At the end of my walk just down the street from our home are three rhododendron bushes that are early risers. Not uncommon for them to bloom in late January in all their pale pink glory.

Pink sparkle to chase the winter away

The sun had come out and they were dancing in the wind just like the ferry, gulls and Batgurrl.

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