Longacres Relic and the Skate-Park

This week I saw on the morning news a piece on a DIY Skate-park built in Renton. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew exactly where it was. It is right under I-405 where the two Longacres Entrance Units still stand.  Here is a link to my original article about a year and half ago.  Longacres Relics

Longacres Entrance Unit under I-405 & Skatepark to right

This is a pretty good place for the skaters. It is so noisy already under the freeway they are not bothering anyone, it is covered which they told me is rare, they have cleaned up after the homeless guys living there, and are providing a place to practice their skills.

Skate-park under I-405
Longacres Skate-park
Skatepark with Railroad in distance – homeless on other side of culvert
Under I-405 from Skatepark – homeless live up under the freeway there

The City of Renton and the Boeing Security crews have not seemed to be bothered by them but now the WDOT (Washington Dept of Transportation) have come a calling. This is on WDOT property without a permit and there is worry of liability issues.

On that morning news piece the word bulldozed was mentioned. That could happen as soon as a week. Yikes!!  I got concerned because this is how good things get swept up into someone else’s trouble. That is right our 1960s Longacres Relics could be bulldozed too.

I have written to both the WDOT Maintenance Supervision, the Renton Museum, another historian I know and the TV station that aired the article. Do not want the units to become collateral damage.

Next I went down to the site on Saturday morning and had a great chat with the skaters.  Here are some current photos of the entrance units

Unit facing East on North side of Monster Road
Unit looking West
Longacres Entrance Unit with Skate Area
Entrance unit covered in brush – south side Monster Rd

Plus I found out two things:

First that they are now working permits and insurance.  The imminent bulldozing is not looming this week now.

Second and the most exciting for me is what they told me about the units. They have crawled up into the bowl to see if they could skate on them.  The inside is too textured for that and they agree that they were probably planters due to the hole.

but wait for it….. there is a date stamped inside!!  1964.  Mystery is now solved on when they were created. We were on the right trail. They came into being right after the freeway crossed over the old Longacres entrance. The racetrack was making a new pretty place to define their place.

Skatepark sign to keep it clean on Longacres entrance unit dated 1964

Thank you to everyone again.  This Longacres history has been a real adventure.

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