Longacres Railroad Crow Murder

Just north of where I-405 crosses Monster Road and the Longacres Entrance Units Relics stand I have observed a Crow family that seem to hang out on the railroad tracks.  Here is a link to the article that started my Longacres historical adventure – Longacres Relic

The first time I saw them was back last summer when a little baby was doing the momma momma cry right on the rails.

Baby Crow with mom next to rails – Summer 2016
Young crow playing near the RR tracks








Here is a little video so you can see what I mean.

When I went back in November last year here was the family a little south of I-405 and north of the train station along the same rails. Another clue that this territory is owned by a murder.

Crow family owns the RR tracks near Longacres – Nov 2016
Old Longacres parking lot with family up on rail

That brings us to yesterday. I swung by the entrance units to see what was up with a skatepark that was built next to them.  For your viewing pleasure here is a link to the new post I did today on the latest developments.  Longacres Relics and Skate-park under I-450

This place has a funny loop of a road that is the left over from before the freeway was built in the 1960’s. This comes along the railroad, goes under I-405 and then between the two entrance units. At the north end where I saw the baby crow over a year ago there was this proud crow staking out their home. (the main picture at the top is a close up of this same crow yesterday)

Railroad Crow family late 2017 – see Rocky the Squirrel?

What I did not notice until I put the photos on my computer is the well done graphic of Rocky the Flying Squirrel of cartoon fame.  This is the Family Fun Center over on the other side of the tracks.

So, why would a crow family find this railroad area their home. I think it is a combination of human food access and wild areas. This is an unusual combination of old, new, developed and undeveloped. Close at hand is the Fun Center with many children running around with food product. There is a major train station to the south too. Right close to where I found them is the skate-park and off on the west side of the tracks per the skaters is a homeless encampment.

Sweet!!  Lots of free food for the family. Combine that with nooks and crannies, trees and bushes to have a nursery and you have crow home.

If you live close to corvids, watch and see if you can’t identify a family’s territory.  We may not be able to recognize them but bet you it is the same team beating out a living.

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