Together We Crows

Crows are so misaligned with bad luck or magic. I say that is only true if they don’t like you. Which probably is a lot of people in their book due to that bad reputation thing.

How do you change the hearts of those who see only blackness when they should be seeing intelligence and loving families?

I say show a little love being shared by this pair on a light pole. See how they are sticking so close and like a human pair nussling up.

Closer to you is not possible!

There they sit watching the world go by. Eyeing for any tasty treats or perhaps a member of their flock. Oh don’t think it is all flowers and roadkill for this pair.

They are also watching for neighboring crows trespassing on their territory and larger birds of prey. It is good fun to chase a hawk or eagle.

But this is a moment for them. See how one gives the other the look of love?

I adore you

Then as I watched something caught their eye and the crow on the left lifted off and went to the West. His adoring mate then rose and said to himself…. you left but I will follow.

Be right there!!

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