Tragedy at dusk in the Roost

This last week has been crow crazy around my office building at dusk. Hundreds of birds flying around, perched in trees, playing tag and making a general racket.

I have written many times about the Renton Roost and the thousands of black feathered souls that come to this part of the valley for their evening get together.

On Thursday, I decided I had to get up and move around.  I had done some serious report work on my computer and needed to stretch my legs. In an effort to be useful, I went outside to pickup trash in our parking lot.

Got a garbage bag and circled the property grabbing old fast food wrappers and a few bottles around the bus stop out front. I had a pretty full bag and there was more to be had on the corner. I decided I could not haul off the old signs, truck parts or massive sheets of plastic and went back down the parking lot.  There was a black bag down there that was going to be my last piece.

To my distress I found a beautiful crow laid on his belly in repose. I knew then the cawing I had heard earlier in the day was his funeral procession. Several of the crows who stay put in the valley had been rather noisy and I just wrote them off as crows chasing a hawk or each other. Instead they were saying their final good bye to this guy laying here.

At closer look he must have hit his head. It had a bit of gash but nothing that looked too bad. Otherwise he was absolutely perfect in every crow way. His feathers were dark black blue and all laying perfectly. His wings were rested against his sides just like he was sleeping in a way no crow would ever lay.

Then I picked him up and took him to the big dumpster for his final return to the earth. His family and my work family did not need to see him decompose and lose his luster every day that passed.

I have no picture to share, which is not a bad thing. I have a post about a dead baby crow and it is so sad to see it from time to time.

The next few days I have wondered what happened. My best guess is he was startled in all the frolicking around our building and hit the edge head on. A quick way to go but still sad for this crow loving lady.

For you to see what I mean on how this might have happened, here is a video of what the murder was doing this week just a couple blocks down the street. Check out how they are all lined up egging each other on.

Say a little prayer for all the crows and birds that perish every day. We forget they are mortal just like us and live boldly in their short time on earth.


  1. tfs. I’ve been noticing an awful lot of Crows in renton for months now. Any word on why they prefer renton? I never see that many in any other cities surrounding renton.

    • I have watched them for years and my only guess is they like the wetlands down here..or years ago the farmland had lots of good eats, party down and meet their friends!.. but I really don’t know either. thanx for visiting

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