No Birds – Just Autumn Glow

Saturday in Seattle was like a spring day except the forest was a blaze with the sun dipping to the horizon. Barely a peep from the birds except a murder of crows chasing an owl from tree to tree. so elusive that no photos were possible, just their raucous scolding as they looked for a favorite roost.  Most of my time in the leaves was so quiet.

In the leaves

I sat in a small stand of vine maple and gazed up at the special effects the sun was playing upon the forest. Fall is late in coming and this afternoon was so quiet it melted my stress away.

Off in the distance across the creek’s gully she had set the tall maples on fire in golden tones.

As I sat in my off the beaten trail spot I noticed a different glow in my camera lens.

Blue Glow

A bit of the glorious blue sky of the day cut through the green of the forest and became a soft tone contrasting to this pale leaf.

Looking up to my left I saw more of this blue glow. It was much more obvious and created leaf silhouettes cutting the sky.

Silhouette of Blue Sky

I picked myself up and wandered the trails of the park basking in the meditativeness of the moment.

Maple over trail

It is hard to depict how the vine maple frame the trail or their inspiring shapes that drape so gracefully. I wanted to zoom into them but found a larger field of view gives you an idea of her beauty.

Back up on the bluff overlooking the creek I saw contrasts of color and dark trunks. The sun was finding holes in the forest canopy and spotlighting trees for my viewing pleasure.

Dark trunks vs vivid leaves
Sun is having her way here

Looking back on the stairs I just came down I could see the gold dotting the way behind me.

Forest Stairs with gold

The glow did not end at the park’s exit. This little red maple was also basking in mother sun’s rays.

Sunshine alights this Maple

No Birds but hope you enjoyed the Trees showing their stuff today!


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