A Crow Warning

Watch out says this crow – dead-end ahead

Halloween time brings nightmares of crows and ravens attacking. They have gotten a bad rap. Just because they graze on dead bodies or are smarter than some humans is no reason to make legends about their evil.

Here we have a crow sitting atop a sign trying to tell us something powerful. Could it be as simple as a dead-end road is ahead? or do we put more meaning onto his perch? Is he telling us it is not too late to change our ways? That some of us have made choices that are a dead-end?

Looking inward is what fall and winter brings. It makes us reflect upon our year and perhaps find how we can be better residents of this earth.

This crow just happens to be misunderstood. Don’t you know any bird that is all black has to be bad. Perhaps they are not what we have been told. Sound familiar about how not to judge others by just their appearance.

Want to know more about Crow legend and how Halloween is attached to them?  Here are a few links to some other posts on those topics.

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  1. Because of the biology of their eyes, it is possible crows see each other as iridescent blue. To them, they are the most beautiful birds in the world.

    • Oh I am enchanted by that concept. I do think they know each other even though we cant tell them apart to save ourselves. In the huge roost flock they still hang out with their family.

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