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Keep Thine Enemies Closer

Crows live by this creed. They do not flee when a threat is presented. They have even been known to pull the tail of eagles.

Today at the beach in the “nursery tree”, there was a peregrine falcon and the crows. The peregrine would fly off and the crows would tag along, making sure he knew who was in charge. Then everyone would get back into the tree.

Peregrine falcon and crows in tree together

At the end of one of these chase me catch me games, the crow and falcon were in the tree like kids in bunk beds. Now that is keeping your enemy close!

Peregrine and crow hanging out

In my research of what kind of hawk this was, I found that he is probably a youngster. This is from his more buffy coloring.  They get grayer as they become adults. This photo shows that and the gorgeous feather definition.

Immature Peregrine Falcon – see brown tone in breast

During my research with Sibley and Stokes Field Guides I noticed to my delight he was banded. I will leave you with not only the famous words  –  “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” but also a close up of this beautiful bird.

Never know what the day might present.  Look up from the little screen and watch the real world voraciously.

Banded Peregrine Falcon at Ocean View Beach

Serendipity is alive – never know what the day might present.  Look up from the little screen and watch the real world voraciously.


Yes I try to be a combination of superheros.... Batgirl and Robin (Batman's sidekick) Add a love of crows, nature & history and this is what makes Batgurrl tick. Technology is important to me but I advocate rambling free of it. The small screen in the middle of nature is a distraction. Pretty tall order that I often fail at. But I smile through it, pick myself back up and get going again. May you do the same.

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