Bedraggled Baby Robin

The hot weather with poor air quality from forest fires up north not only impact us humans. With temperatures in the 90s and air pollution dense from smoke and industry, we were all feeling a bit droopy.

This young robin landed on our fence Friday evening. You can tell his youth because of his spotted breast and overall lean appearance. Add to that he is molting his baby fluff.

This was a rare chance to capture a young bird that is adult in size only. This is a perilous stage for any bird. They are able to fly and get around but know nothing about cars, cats, people, eagles or many other hazards.

Spotted breast = Baby Robin

As we watched him at the hottest point of the day we wondered if he would go take a dip in the bird bath. That was not to be. Either he didn’t know how yet or he was too paranoid.

Another bird, I think one of his parents was calling out and he turned around showing us his back.

Who is over there?

Then the calling came from the other side so he turned towards that. Being new to the big world can be overwhelming.

Baby Robin looks up where danger comes from

See the red tuff? That is his molting his baby feathers but also the heat has taken its toll making him look bedraggled.

Nervous baby robin

As often happens, my photo opportunity ended as he flew away. The call of his parents was stronger than his curiosity of the big world.

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