Woodpecker deep in the Woods

You never know what you will find while walking in the woods. On my return adventure to Cougar Mountain Park I took a trail to look at what are called Cave Holes. It was a pretty long way to get to them and then an even longer set of trails to get to Coal Creek waterfall.

Cave Hole that is flooded in Cougar Mtn Park – old coal mining area

Not long after I got through the cave hole area I saw a bird land high up on a tree.

To my delight it was a red-headed woodpecker. He or she was just pecking away. Little did I know he was a red breasted sapsucker. For me this was my first sapsucker sighting. After all these years of rambling around I had never clearly identified one.

Even cooler he was digging for sap not bugs as one would assume a normal woodpecker is doing. Learned a new thing!

Here is a short video

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