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Good bye Batman

Adam West you were the best. I have to thank you for all the Robin jokes in High School. More important I owe you my Batgurrl persona of today.

How did I get that you ask?  It all started when email began and we joked that we needed CB type handles. This Batgirl was born.

Thank you to the original Batman for his ability to laugh at himself while rescuing us all.  What a class act and the world is a better place for you.



Yes I try to be a combination of superheros.... Batgirl and Robin (Batman's sidekick) Add a love of crows, nature & history and this is what makes Batgurrl tick. Technology is important to me but I advocate rambling free of it. The small screen in the middle of nature is a distraction. Pretty tall order that I often fail at. But I smile through it, pick myself back up and get going again. May you do the same.

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