Tough being a baby crow

Or is it tougher being a crow mom? Days of chasing a baby around, protecting him from danger, teaching him how to be a crow and above all else feed that mouth that is always wanting more.

Our resident family has been busy making babies. They were secretive of where but I knew cause I pay attention to where they go. The helper is a yearling who is skinny and kept coming for food that David hands out. Mom and Dad took their turns here at the feeder or picking up the scraps we put out.

Then I heard the baby cry. It is a momma momma feed me cry. The little crow will open his mouth and demand something to eat. The voice got closer and sure enough he was in the cedar tree next to a monkey puzzle tree in my neighbors yard. Check out his innocent look with blue eyes and pink lips

Baby Crow checking out the big new world
Fluffing up my feathers might get mom’s attention.

This crow aficionado was delighted. Usually I have to seek out the baby crows by walking around the neighborhood or spot them while I am running errands.  Not this year. We have nature right in our back yard.

That encounter was around noon. Later that day right after dinner I got a big surprise. Twin baby crows in our garden. No wonder mom and dad were beside themselves, they have two children to chase around.

Nature waits for no camera and this is true that time too. By the time I got the camera one of the twins flew off. However, the remaining baby put on a leaf dance for me.

Baby Crow twin hanging out in my garden
What is that? Food?
Got it now!! Whatever it is I got it.
What do I do now? Is it food? or a toy?
Think I will put it down and see what it does.
Ah ha… go it again. It won’t get away from me!
It has no taste. Mom come help me
Maybe it makes a good toy after all. Think I will play with it
What now? MOM!!

Baby Crows – goofy little guys.  Enjoy them now. They will be grown up soon flying away to the big fall pumpkin patch party.

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