Common Ground Dove – Chicago sighting

On my business trip to Chicago last week I opened my hotel drapes one morning and had a bird moment. There on the outdoor table sat a small little bird. Can you see him in the picture above? Look at the upper left corner.

Next I took some zoomed photos of him and here he is in a fluffy pinky way.  The morning sun has not hit yet and it was a bit damp from a few days of rain.

Dove hanging out on hotel furniture in the morning air

When I got home I started looking through my bird books and zero’d in on this bird being a common ground dove.  A bird I have never seen in Seattle and according to Sibley is pretty rare in Chicago too.

Hope you enjoy my traveling bird moment.


  1. Sure looks more like a mourning dove. We have one as a pet and the dark beak color and feathers look spot on like ours. She fell out of the nest in our backyard and we saved her. Wonderful little addition to our family.

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