Crow battles Gull

Dive bombing is a crow’s weapon when they think another bird is doing their family wrong. Today right across from Lincoln Park this crow and gull were going at it.

Gull nips at swooping crow

The seagull was sitting on a power pole using the electrical equipment and lines as a buffer. The crow must have thought he was too close to his nursery. Then the action began.  Watch and smile as you see the crow perform like a momma bear.

Here is a good look at the participants in the grudge match.

Match participants – crow exits as gull watches
Gull’s advantage is size

First the seagull. His size is larger than the crow perhaps giving him an edge. He is a glaucous-winged gull with a yellow beak, white head and pinky legs and feet. They are pretty big at 20″ to 23″ in length.   Looks to be an adult due to his whiteness.

Crow’s advantage is smarts

Next the instigator, the crow. He is an american crow who is all black from feet to beak. I am voting on the crow since they are smarter than other birds. He is smaller (17″ to 20″ length) but his flying aerobatics has the gull in defense mode.  In the photo above you can see he is pretty mad. That is best cawing pose.

My one hope is this demonstration saved the baby crows from being dinner. Their parents try really hard to make sure they fledge.

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