Crow Cleanliness

Down at low tide last weekend where Fauntleroy Creek flows out to Puget Sound (right next to the Vashon Ferry Dock) I saw a cool sight. The crow murder who own the beach were taking turns bathing.

All creatures like to be clean. Birds are just like us and will get themselves immersed in the water and then dry off. Their feathers then get organized and back into ship-shape.

Here is how it came down. Several crows had already done the deed when this guy flew in and cased the place first. He kind of ignored the pigeon who was also doing a bit of swimming too,

Crow cases the creek for bath spot
Hanging out in the grass first
Mr Crow ignores Ms Pigeon
Ah this is the spot
Going in for a dip now

I will now leave you with a video of his bath time and dry off shake.  This will make you smile as this crow enjoys the creek water.


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