Blackbird looking for Love

Drainage is important anywhere. Here close to my house is a small pond that is in a low spot that captures all the overflow from heavy rains. Perfect place for a red wing blackbird to raise a family.

A year or so ago the county came in and dredged it out. All the cat tails and marsh grass was scraped out so when it floods things would work right. The resident red-winged blackbirds had to find a new home. I even saw one on my bird feeder which is so out of their character. This bird lover felt bad for them.

To my surprise this spring I was walking home from the store and heard a bird calling at the edge of the pond. I looked and looked till I found the singer sitting on a power pole.

On a pole looking for love

He was not only singing for his lover but he was puffing up. This makes him appear bigger and more attractive to the girl blackbirds. He even made me fall in love with him.

Girls I am available!!

Her turned around and gave me a back view of his lovely plumage with red wing feathers. He fluffed himself up for every call he made. I can hear him just looking at this photo.

I am a big boy all fluffed up for my girl

Photographing birds can be challenging. I have learned to take pictures as you go. From distance to closer to finally very close. That way I don’t miss out on the experience when the bird fly away. Imagine trying to focus and hold the camera steady for a zoomed photo then they are gone. Plus if they stay in place then we have a good feel for the surroundings and his behavior.

This was one of the last in my series of him. Check out his uplifted beak in full song. He is showing his stuff and you have to know he has a girlfriend.

Red Wing Blackbird in full call


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