Crow Reflection

Reflection is a complicated thing and even crows spend time in serious thought or consideration.  However, how often do we find a crow and his physical reflection? That is the kind where the on-line definition is “the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.”

Here we have a good example of a Crow doing both. He is wandering the river bank in “serious thought” about what to eat. This is going on so close to the river his reflection time has a reflection.

Me & my shadow on the river

It is spring and there was a moment of shining light that reflected on the pondering crow’s back. He was glowing and so was the mirror image in the water. Dazzling!!

Crow Glow on the river

What do we have next… the glow is all alone or courtesy of photography it appears that way.

Shine on Mr Crow

I leave you with a view of where this serious reflection is occurring. Can you find Mr. Crow?

Look close on the far bank middle of the photo.

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