Fluffy Birds

The sun is coming out at last. The Crows are playing hidey and making themselves scarce. The stick building seems to have ended and it is time to get busy with that family thing.

May not have taken any crow photos but I was delighted by flicker woodpecker triplets and a stellar blue jay. Starting with the flickers.

They were hanging out on our neighbor’s roof. Mom was there keeping her eye on the brood. The main clue that they are babies was their fluffy, downy appearance. I was able to get a shot of one. The other two got busy and dove off the house.  So, is bird photography.

Young flicker hanging out in the morning

The next shot shows his profile and red flicker markings.

Fluffy Flicker

The stellar jay I captured today was up in a budding maple tree. He was sunning his blueness in the sunshine. He is not a downy baby but rather his feathers require maintenance. It has been so damp he took advantage of the warmth to get some overdue fluffing in.

Stellar Jay fluffing his feathers.
Cleaning under the wing
Got to get the other side!
All better!!

Never know where a peek into nature will show itself.  Glad I could share these two with you.

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