“Too many sticks to get” says Mr. Crow

Takes a lot of sticks. Ms Crow sent Mister on a mission to find a whole bunch of them.  So, here is Mr Crow digging in this tree to get a stick and get her off his tail feathers.

Yes it is the season to watch for crows poking around trees to get sticks for their new nests. Once they get free of the tree which is an art in itself they often jump onto a wire. There they get their bearings. In this example I equate them to a high wire act.

Got to get this stick straight
Good to Go!!

If you are lucky to see them doing this stick dance, watch where they fly off to. That tree they land in is likely to be a nursery for baby crows in a few months.

If you got a kick out of this, here is a link to a 2015 post on a crow in Renton.  I called him the Crow Stick Wizard.

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