Trilliums Stunted by Cold

My annual pilgrimage to see the Trillium patch showed just how cold we have been. Here it is March 19th and when you compare to prior years you can see they are stunted. I have to hope as things warm up they will snap out of this slow funk. This is the big patch and is so sparse compared to the past.

Trillium patch on Mar 19, 2017.
Barely in bud – should be in full bloom

Read an article that Washington State was the only lower 48 state that had a below normal temperature this winter. Not only were we cold but also wet. When I say cold, that is relative to what is cold in Seattle. It wasn’t much below 32 but overall it stayed in the low 40s for weeks. Not even a warm pineapple express to save us.

This is my 6th year of documenting the Wake Robin (Trilliums) in Fauntleroy Park. I have two patches I visit and have photos showing the difference between seasons.  Here is last years article that shows 5 years of history. Sad to say the big patch seems to be in decline. Either not enough sun or someone or something broke them one year. Trilliums do not take kindly to being disturbed.

Trillium patches over the years

After visiting the big patch I went to the bouquet patch. This one grows in a tight group with a few stray ones off to the front. The tight group had the lovely red steps you see at the top of the post. Kind of reminded me of rhubarb.

Bouquet Trillium patch

This patch seems to have fared better over the years. Today they are up and budded out. All they need is a little more warm sun to pop open their three-leaf flowers.

Don’t pick them!!
Give me sun to open up!
Forest flower Trillum ready to bloom
Wake Robin flower bud




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