Crow Bravery

Crows are show offs when they mob or harass larger birds like this immature eagle. At the beach today this 2nd year bald eagle was perched in the poplar tree.  You can tell he is this age due to the white spots on his chest, his beak has hardly any yellow and his head is all brown.

Full view of Tree with Eagle

He is perched up high so he can watch for dinner opportunities.

Eagle in Poplar at Ocean View Beach

The crow murder was also at the beach since it was low tide. My count of them was around 50 strong as they hung out down on the rocky peninsula.

Crows snacking at low tide

Now that I have set the stage let’s get down to the crow with some balls.

He lands close to the eagle and starts performing for not only the big bird of prey but all his friends and family.

I’m here Mr Baby Eagle
Everyone!! See me!! I’m next to the Eagle!
Fly by crow photobombs Brave Crow who is fluffing up even more with competition
Ninner Ninner Mr. Eagle I moved above you now!
I’m back in your face now – smell my butt tail feathers
Want to just hang out?
Nah…I’m ignoring you Baby Eagle
Fluffing up makes me bigger and meaner
Look Mom – I’m getting even more puffed up with bravery
This is getting boring… seems to easy

Yes you can see the crow was getting bored since the eagle hardly budged after being cawed at by this bothersome corvid.

That was when the eagle saw his meal and flew off to make it happen. He went to the beach so he could secure his load. The crows tried for a grab at him as you can see below.

Eagle on beach with catch and brave crow is too.

Soon thereafter the eagle flew off into the trees to enjoy his dinner. The crows followed but I couldn’t catch up with them to see the final outcome.

I bet the eagle got to eat. However, not in peace and quiet.

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